Practice Support

We founded One Seven to be a platform that supports advisors in reaching their full potential, both professionally and personally.  When you join One Seven, you get all the support you need from day one as we help you strategize your transition with our team and make your launch as successful as possible.  We then surround you with an experience that gives you everything you need to manage and grow your practice, including finance and billing, legal and compliance, technology, operations, marketing, and more.

401(k) total solutions

This is a fully developed 401(k) platform that helps you find opportunities and win more business in the qualified plan space.  The team at MGO has spent decades perfecting the administration of 401(k) and profit sharing plans and provides a unique experience for the advisor, the company or plan sponsor, and the employee.  From plan design to education, investment management to annual filings, everything is done through this unique process that has over 180 plans and $1B in assets

Marketing Consulting

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Insurance is a critical component of financial planning and financial security for families across the world. While your clients are building wealth, it’s equally important to ensure that it’s protected. Whether your goal is safeguarding the assets and inheritance of a generational wealth transfer or bringing peace to a growing family, One Seven equips you with the tools and support to help families and individuals use insurance to its fullest potential. Our team works with you to determine the best route to help your clients, providing support and expertise to protect their dreams.

Marketing and Business Development

As advisors, growing ourselves is where the greatest opportunity lies.  We believe that out of all the equipment we provide, this is the element that can make the biggest impact.  This is where we help 7-Tool Advisors become who they are, as we surround them with personalized coaching and daily support to grow the business of their dreams.  In addition, the advisor experience features self-development modules, created in tandem with the 7 tools, along with resources to help them provide an even deeper and more meaningful experience for their clients.  From philanthropic planning to client concierge needs, self-development can mean so many things and help in so many ways.

Investment Management

One Seven believes that spending time with clients, building your dream business, and tackling personal goals are valuable uses of your time. Constructing and executing the perfect portfolio is a necessary task, but in a world of dynamic investment opportunities, it can become an overwhelming endeavor that consumes your time. Through our partnership with SMArtX, One Seven’s OCIO and Investment Committee creates and manages diverse model portfolios, so you have more time for your clients. In addition to the model portfolio, you’ll receive quarterly commentary and access to investment strategists for questions and suggestions. Our investment management tool offers portfolios for every level of investment and risk, so you no longer have to invest the best of your time to achieve the best results.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is the cornerstone of our business and value to clients, and we want to make it an even more impactful experience.  The vision, still to come, is to have a team that will help advisors run plans, unearth opportunities, and provide services that help their clients build and achieve goals.  This frees the advisor to help their clients and also focus on business and personal development.  The family office group, Park City Family Office, is also an internal resource to help advisors connect and work with families and individuals with $20M and up.

Marketing/Business Development

Our core value, “always be growing” has never been more significant. One Seven believes in growth for you and your practice, which is why we’re committed to helping you find new and exciting paths for business development. As the population ages, competition increases, and fees are compressed, it’s important to identify new avenues for growth with your next generation of clients. One Seven offers multiple opportunities for business development and marketing including seminars, new client initiatives, and our upcoming Elite Advisor Lead Generation program. You’re in the business of helping your clients succeed, and with our marketing and business development tools, we’ll make sure you succeed, too.